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There's Fur in My Coffee: What's Hot and What's Not
A T-shirt, mug, and backpack I designed to help honour Cecil the Lion. Half of my royalties will be donated to WildCRU.

CEOs You'd Like to Do, Dump or Marry
Poll results: Everyone wanted to "Do" Ben Rattray. And there was a tie for first place between Larry Page and Elon Musk for the "Marry" vote.

InfoBarrel: Rewards Writers and Pays the Most

My Thoughts About "Free The Nipple"

Forum Trolls with Their Own Agenda

What's the Best UGC Revenue-Sharing Site? InfoBarrel

Can I Advise Peeps When to Use the Plural Form of "Advice"?

Help! I'm Getting Attacked by Exclamation Points

When the Word "Friend" Is Anything but Friendly

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