I've had the pleasure of interviewing some of the finest writers on the interweb along with elite author Vic Dillinger. Need some inspiration? A laugh? Check out these fabulous people:

DebW07's writings cover a hodgepodge of topics from the hot-button issues and cracker-barrel philosophy of today's coffee culture to the Gordian knot of faith and religion.

Vic Dillinger writes about murder, bunnies, and wimmen.

TanoCalvenoa specializes in geography and writes about the Earth sciences, and other natural science topics.

mommymommymommy (Hannah Gold) writes about parenting issues, Girl Scouts and other topics that interest her at the moment.

Moina-Arcee (Mark Fellows) writes about what itches him: history, religion, culture, music, sports, art, the artists, and all points in between.

While classicalgeek's research for her day job lends itself to a number of subjects, including classical music, medieval history, offbeat travel, and business, there's no telling what path some scholarly article will send her down next.

Browna86 writes about weird stuff with the occasional educational piece; more or less.

Amerowolf (Emily Heeb) writes about video games, movies, anime, and whatever else tickles her.

Deborah-Diane writes about retirement, addiction, Al-Anon, product reviews, relationships, and whatever fascinates her at the moment.

LittleTwoTwo (Lyttle Twotwo)

RoseWrites (Interview by Vic Dillinger) loves to write about issues related to the betterment of society, cooking, and humour. You are reading her blog now.

LPerry (With Vic Dillinger) takes balletomania to a whole new level; she writes with visions of sugar plum fairies dancing in her head.

JadeDragon (With Vic Dillinger)

InfoBarrel's Mysterious Article Approvers They are your best friend or your worst enemy. What others are saying:
"They lurk in the darkest corners, hunched over cobwebby keyboards, just WAITING for you to make a mistake! They are the elite who decide your fate, so you'd better spell correctly and use good grammar and proper syntax." ~ Vic Dillinger
"InfoBarrel's "Mysterious" Article Approvers, or, as I refer to them, "comma chasers," peruse the work of new authors and those who've yet to qualify for pre-approved status. Although the identity of IB's proofreaders remains anonymous, there is nothing clandestine in what they do. These grammar guys and gals, most of whom probably struggle with obsessive grammar disorder, examine the works of cottage-industry citizen journalists with the high standards found in dead-tree-editions, thus keeping InfoBarrel the place to find high-quality, original content."~ DebW07 (aka Introspective)

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