Friday, March 25, 2016

The Truth About June Richard, George Palaziol, Joe Buscaino, Melissa Lacanlale Montes, Mitchell Englander, Anthony Lucido, and Gayle Fleury

Gee, I'm constantly amazed at what I'm finding out about the Los Angeles City Council.

Not only did Elvis Summers reveal how abusive and foul-mouthed June Ellen Richard is towards someone less fortunate – a homeless person documented here: Crazy Teacher Shouldn't be allowed to teach ignorance and hate or teach kids

But it appears that June Ellen Richard is not who she claims to be. Click to enlarge:

June Richard is a Resource Specialist and Claims to be involved in Special Ed

Moving right along.

As many of you know from my previous almost-viral post: Why Removing "Tiny Homes" is Detrimental to LA's Homeless and Society

George Palaziol (who was appointed by Joe Buscaino) to the San Pedro Homelessness Task Force, appears to spend much of his time abusing those in support of the Tiny House movement. (Even leaving me abusive commentary).

Oh, but it doesn't stop there.

After I posted this impromptu Skype chat with Dean Ryan (Producer, Social Commentator, Film Maker):

Someone named Melissa Lacanlale Montes left me a horribly abusive comment, it began with:
"Lady you are from Canada you have no idea what it's like over here in our town.. Or Country! You stated yourself you can't understand what's going on point bland you can not understand! You want to ..." 
And it became more and more abusive from there. She referred to homeless people "as zombies". Feel free to contact Google YouTube for verification. Of course, I didn't approve her comment.

Imagine my lack of surprise when I found out she is also connected to LA Councilman Joe Buscaino! A quick Google search turned up this:

Melissa Lacanlale Montes left abusive commentary on Rose Webster's YouTube Skype interview with Dean Ryan

When I started to investigate LA Councilman Joe Buscaino, I found out he (along with LA Councilman Mitchell Englander) voted against other LA council members (12 - 2) who wanted to settle with Brian Beaird's family.

Wonder who Brian Beaird was? At the 45-second mark in the following video, you can clearly see that Brian Beaird, 51, a former army veteran with the National Guard who was disabled exits his vehicle in a subdued fashion.

He has NO weapons and appears to be surrendering to police (about to raise his hands).

But instead, he is shot in cold blood.

Both LA City Councilmen, Joe Buscaino and Mitchell Englander, felt "the shooting appeared justified" – yeah. Scroll over to the 45-second mark and watch it again for yourself.

But Bernard Parks, former City Councilman and LAPD chief stated: 
"This is a case that clearly had significant potential liability far beyond what the settlement offer was. It was a good business decision when you have a loss of life and you have evidence that could be viewed as overwhelming against the city of LA." 
And what's the deal with Los Angeles Councilman Mitch Englander?

A quick Google search led me to a Los Angeles Daily News post by Dakota Smith and Rick Orlov titled Sex harassment suit filed against chief of staff to Los Angeles Councilman Mitch Englander. In it, his former aide complained about John Lee, chief of staff. 

But LA Councilman Mitchell Englander questioned her if she:
"Only wanted to be a Public Safety Deputy so she could walk into the fire stations and be naked in front of the male firefighters."
UNREAL! And there were more abusive comments and inappropriate conduct that followed.

This woman's suit alleged: "After these comments, the Plaintiff knew the discriminatory and harassing conduct was so ingrained within District 12 staff that it would never stop."

More recently, in a KHTS AM 1220 post on January 27th, 2016, Assembly Member Scott Wilk stated: 
"I enthusiastically endorse Mitchell Englander for County Supervisor ... Mitch is the candidate with a proven record on increasing public safety, supporting local business and delivering services for the people who live and work in his district."
Increasing public safety??

And this just in . . .

Anthony Lucido part of a group that promotes hate for homeless and those who help them

Click to enlarge image. The left side shows Anthony Lucido (part of the Facebook group Saving San Pedro). He states: "Looks like Rose Webster not going to like what's happening to our town. Let the blogs blow."  On the right side of the image is a screenshot of the Facebook invitation I received from Anthony Lucido one week ago (March 19th, 2016).

Addendum March 26th, 2016

Gayle Fluery left me a comment below and I addressed each of her points. Here's what I found out about her (click to enlarge):

Gayle Fleury of San Pedro belongs to group George Palaziol involved with

Awe, how sweet! Click to enlarge:

Saving San Pedro post by Gayle Fleury to George Palaziol of Two Trolls

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  1. Have you ever been to San Pedro? Do you know any of these people personally? I ask because the sources you are using are factually incorrect and known for bias. While I don't claim to know all of the players personally, I do know a fair number on both sides of the issue. From my perspective, one of the issues is that one side is working within the boundaries of the law. The other side is defiant of the law and has refused any reaching across the divide to work for the benefit of the homeless so they are not so at risk from the criminal element that preys on them.

    1. 1) Does it matter whether or not I've ever been to San Pedro? Are you (like Melissa Lacanlale Montes) trying to paint the homeless in San Pedro as "zombies" or "so much worse" there than anywhere else in the world?

      2) I researched these people and am exposing what THEY have done to deceive the public.

      Why would I need to "know them personally" when they claim publicly (for example, June Richard) to be a Special Ed. teacher/assistant, but then post a video interview (publicly shared) on Google plus? And also post she is a "Resource Specialist" presently employed?

      I'm just letting the public know the truth (which is responsible journalism).

      3) Which sources are "factually incorrect and known for bias" exactly? These are all sources that the public can check out for themselves. In YOUR mind, you may not want to (or be able to) accept the facts and all of the well-documented evidence.

      4) You state: "While I don't claim to know all of the players personally ..." but yet you have the nerve to question me if I "know any of these people personally" – makes no sense.

      5) You state: "I do know a fair number on both sides of the issue." No, you know George Palaziol and who HE is connected to. Right? I will post some screenshot proof (just to remind you and let the public know).

      Who exactly do you know on the other side of the issue?

      6) You state: "From my perspective, one of the issues is that one side is working within the boundaries of the law."

      Elvis Summers initially constructed these Tiny Homes within the "boundaries of the law". They are on wheels. He knew to move them every 72 hours, etc.

      It was unconstitutional and a violation of the declaration of human rights (article 1) when the City of LA decided to RETROACTIVELY pass a new ordinance.

      7) Your statement is completely false that "The other side is defiant of the law and has refused any reaching across the divide to work for the benefit of the homeless so they are not so at risk from the criminal element that preys on them."

      Elvis Summers and his team (including me) have been constantly trying to get land secured for these Tiny Homes. The City of LA (and especially YOUR friend George Palaziol) has been working hard to dehumanize the homeless.

      George Palaziol even quipped that the "land in LA City has a maximum building code. So unless he [Elvis Summers] is planning on building tiny condos these won't be legal." See screenshot in my post:

      Seems he enjoys watching the homeless suffer (evidenced by his two new Facebook groups) devoted to humiliating homeless people and bashing those that feed or help them.

      The sad fact is the city raised $12.4 Million in emergency funding for El Nino but they still haven’t done anything.

      “Where’s that money?”

      Elvis Summers says, "I could build over 11,000 tiny houses with that money."

      I think the public can clearly see that greed and corruption (by the City of LA and stakeholders, like you) are at the root of this problem (and the reason you are so hateful).

  2. Just wanted to say it's awesome what you do and I love what Summer is doing. How can people outside the USA help?

    1. Elvis Summers is the man to follow and support:

      Thanks for dropping by and for your lovely compliment (means more than you know). Take good care, Rose