Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Bodum® French Press vs. $10 French Press

Recently, Editor Cat reminded me to tell coffee lovers to only purchase a Bodum® French press coffee maker. And she made some valid points.

Bodum French press coffee maker beside 10 dollar French press coffee maker
Comparing a Bodum® French press to a $10 French press / © 2016 RoseWrites

Last year, we tried out a $10 French press and soon discovered how important top quality stainless steel is (along with good design).

In fact, the American Culinary Institute named Bodum® the "Best French Press Coffee Maker" in 2004. What impresses me the most is the durability of Bodum® coffee makers (I had one for over 20 years). And for safety, Bodum® can't be beat – their lids have a patented locking system.

When I checked out the Best French Press Coffee Maker Picks 2016, my Bodum® Chambord® placed third. The first place French press had a lovely design, but I was leery of the plastic housing for the carafe part. You'll see why in my video (shown next). The press that placed second uses a double screen (which may be more work to clean, I don't know).

To be fair, I always use coarsely ground coffee beans, so I've never had a problem with coffee grounds getting into my cup. But for those of you who sneak in a little "regular" grind when you are getting low on coffee beans, you might want to consider the SterlingPro French press coffee maker

I have never tried a SterlingPro French press coffee maker, but it looks almost exactly like a Bodum® French press.

Still, if you have anything that crawls at your feet (pets or kids), I feel safety is more important than stylish designs or double screens. 

Bottom line: Editor Cat gives the Bodum® Chambord® French press coffee maker four paws up because of its record for safety and durability.

If you have any questions about it, feel free to ask. [And no, this wasn't a paid endorsement. Bodum® is simply a product line that has served me well for over 20 years.]

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