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A Quick Look at Saving San Pedro, a Facebook Group W/ George Palaziol

After investigating some of LA's City Council Members and who they are connected to, I decided to skim the Facebook page Saving San Pedro. I felt the public (and the world) has a right to know what elected officials are doing (since taxpayers fund their salaries).

Apparently, much of the page has been "cleaned up" but I was still able to capture a few posts of interest:

As you can see from the screenshot next, George Palaziol is poking fun at Caney Arnold. George even took the time to create a parody of Candyland, a child's board game, that I guess he's familiar with (click to enlarge):

George Palaziol post dehumanizing homeless people and making fun of Caney Arnold

For those of you wondering what Caney Arnold wrote, he put:
"Signed. Everyone also please directly contact your Councilperson. Tell them to identify public land in your District where these houses or even tents can be legally placed. Let them know that you are not afraid of having these in your area, otherwise they listen to the Not In My Backyard (NIMBY) crowd.
Let them know that their homeless sweeps are unconstitutional, and ask why they keep doing them when it results in massive pain for the homeless, and then lawsuits by Carol Sobel suing the City for violation of homelesss civil rights. The City has lost an average of $1 million dollars in each of the last few years in these lawsuits. If we aren't calling, then all they hear is the NIMBY whining." 

Moving On

Next, this person (Jacy Page) was called out for "trolling" by James Baeza for this comment (click to enlarge): 

James Baeza wrote Trolling as reply to Jacy Page on Saving San Pedro

Of course I found the usual comments asking about where's the best place to eat or get your hair done. But I was shocked to see this post by Cathy Beauregard:

Cathy Beauregard upset about plant not homeless person Saving San Pedro

According to Cathy Beauregard, "what is so sad" is that it took her "8 years to get a native plant in the ground". And, she wrote: "it dont matter to "Homeless" [sic] . . . it is taking them less than a month to DESTROY the area....SMFH!!!" 

For those of you (like me) who didn't know, SMFH stands for Shaking My F*cking Head. 

How tragic for Cathy Beauregard, her native plant isn't thriving!

And it seems that even LAPD Officer Deon Joseph felt the need to tone the group down when he chimed in on March 25th, 2016 with:
"You guys really care about your city. Just always remember compassion. It is not the homeless who is the enemy. It is the negative fallout (the crime, and blight) that some homeless and even the housed engage in that is.
As you fight for a better quality of life for your community do not forget to be a voice for getting our government and philanthropist to provide housing and shelter (in a way that does not hurt the homeless or the community) that they desperately need.
A community that desires clean safe streets does not mean you hate the downtrodden."
And I came across some mean-spirited attempts at humorous posts, like these (click to enlarge):

Saving San Pedro posts by Julie Pesich Bjazic and Tina Chree

Finally, I was kinda wondering the same thing as Rich N Yoma Gettler who asked, "So we're not so in the dark here, can you please tell us what it is we're here to save San Pedro from?" Click to enlarge to read the answers to his question:

Rich N Yoma Gettler asks what Saving San Pedro group is about

Well, apparently Joanne Rallo told him to read the page description. What I found is this:

Facebook Group led by George Palaziol and Joanne Rallo Saving San Pedro Description
Note: I cut off their Popeye emblem (since I'm unsure if it violates copyright/trademark laws).

I wonder how many people are contemplating suicide because of the obvious self-serving agenda and heartless actions of this group. This is a sad day in my online writing career – exposing a horrible side of people I share the planet with (who appear to be living a privileged life). 

There's no compassion.

If you wish to help the homeless, we've begun a petition and are working towards securing land for these Tiny Homes. Please sign and share Elvis Needs Land: Come On VA and UCLA, We Can Do This!

Addendum March 29th, 2016

Popeye and other media based on him not legal in U.S. until 2025 George Palaziol breaking IP laws
Click to enlarge | Source: Wikipedia with original source cited 

Addendum April 1st, 2016

George Palaziol would rather spend his time harassing people who help the homeless and applaud the efforts of L.A. city council (especially Joe Buscaino) who are systematically passing inhumane ordinances. Yes, it appears "healthy and safe streets" are more important than healthy and safe people. Source: L.A. council OKs law limiting homeless people's belongings to what can fit in a trash bin

George Palaziol using Carrot Top to mock me with Facebook page
Click to enlarge | Source: Facebook groups run by George Palaziol

On The Plus Side

Here is our latest petition update. We are now petitioning 21 people in a position of power to make things right. Please sign and share (it's okay to have family members sign too):

Stop Exploiting Homeless People: Now Petitioning the FPPC

George Palaziol wasting taxpayers' money bullying Rose Webster proof
Click to enlarge | Proof George Palaziol Started Facebook page

No worries George, I'll help you out . . .

Public Domain image of Bluto that George Palaziol could use legally
Click to enlarge | Source: Wikimedia Commons

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