Sunday, August 2, 2015

There's Fur in My Coffee: What's Hot and What's Not

Yesterday, I published an article on Paw Mane Fin about the tragic loss of Cecil the lion. Since I have sold a few anti-bullying items in my Sousababy Zazzle store over the years, I decided to design three charity products to honour Cecil.

I am donating 50% of any royalties I earn from the sale of my T-shirt, mug, and backpack to Oxford's Wildlife Conservation Research Unit (WildCRU). The photo I used was taken on April 20th, 2014 by Mathias Appel on flickr who generously dedicated it to the public domain.

Cat Editor (Kady) Orders "Proud of Saving Animals BACKPACK by RoseWrites" from Zazzle
My Editor is ordering the "Proud of Saving Animals" Backpack by RoseWrites from Zazzle 

All three of my Cecil the lion designs state:

Proud of Saving Animals (Not Killing Them)

In some circles of our society, unfortunately, hunters like Dr. Walter Palmer are proud of "taking" an innocent life. Even his choice of words bothered me. He didn't admit to killing Cecil; he rephrased it to sound less offensive.

He claimed, "I had no idea that the lion I took was . . . "


No, you meant the lion that you murdered (and in the most ruthless way too): injured by your poorly-aimed crossbow and then shot at close range and finally beheaded and skinned.

Shame on you and those like you.

I want to make it clear that society (as a whole) embraces those who save animals - all animals and especially endangered animals.

Proud of Saving Animals (Not Killing Them) T-Shirts on Zazzle designed by RoseWrites
Proud of Saving Animals (Not Killing Them) T-Shirt (click to enlarge)

The T-shirt I designed was the Custom Value T-Shirt on Zazzle. It sells for $15.95 and is available for men, women, and children in 139 different styles. Note: other styles cost more.

Three of Zazzle's Popular Mug Styles "Proud of Saving Animals (Not Killing Them)" Designed by RoseWrites
Proud of Saving Animals (Not Killing Them) Mugs (click to enlarge)

The coffee mug I designed is titled Proud of Saving Animals MUG by RoseWrites. The 11 oz. Classic White Mug design sells for $16.95. And, like the T-shirt, you can further personalize it on the opposite side with your own favourite photo and/or text.

High Sierra Backpack "Proud of Saving Animals (Not Killing Them) Designed by RoseWrites (shown in 3 popular colours)
Proud of Saving Animals (Not Killing Them) High Sierra Backpacks (click to enlarge)

And lastly, since parents are doing back-to-school shopping right now, I felt my High Sierra backpack was excellent value for the low price of $36.95. It is available in four colours. I think the black, red, and blue ones are the most attractive. 

My daughter and all of her friends agree that killing animals is wrong.

And I want to add that my daughter was so moved by Cecil's story that she created the following cartoon to help me raise funds for WildCRU too. Click to enlarge each panel:

Cartoon (panel 1) of Cat Ordering Mug from Zazzle "Proud of Saving Animals" by RoseWrites

Cartoon (panel 2) of Cat Ordering Mug from Zazzle "Proud of Saving Animals" by RoseWrites

Cartoon (panel 3) of Cat Ordering Mug from Zazzle "Proud of Saving Animals" by RoseWrites

Cartoon (panel 4) of Cat Ordering Mug from Zazzle "Proud of Saving Animals" by RoseWrites

Cartoon (panel 5) of Cat Ordering Mug from Zazzle "Proud of Saving Animals" by RoseWrites
Created August 2nd, 2015 by Daughter of RoseWrites

Thank you for taking the time to read through my first "There's Fur in My Coffee" blog post.


  1. Great stuff! And an excellent cartoon too.

  2. Thank you so much, I really appreciate your support Jonathan. My daughter said to thank you on her behalf too.

  3. Thanks a lot for choosing my photo for this!

    1. Well, it's generous of you to donate your work to the public domain. So thank you for that (and it's a fabulous photograph). I appreciate you stopping by and taking the time to comment Mathias Appel.
      Most respectfully,

    2. Protecting animals is important to me. I also made my photos available to some conservation networks for red pandas and lemurs. I can't do much to help, but if I can help out these organizations and projects like yours that makes me really happy :)

    3. Dear Mathias Appel,
      You've helped immensely, I couldn't travel to Zimbabwe to get that photo. You are making a huge difference contributing your gorgeous work.
      Gratefully yours,