Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Appealing to Fellow Canadian Ed the Sock

Today was a real blow to my ego. Just as I was feeling empowered to represent writers and charities who were treated unfairly and denied their rightful earnings, a Wikipedia editor removes a supporter's post. 


Apparently, telling the truth and having supporters and charities provide additional proof just isn't enough these days. No, according to "Cyphoidbomb" (a Wikipedia editor):

"... only when mainstream news websites start to care about this petition and write about them from an analytical perspective (i.e. not just press releases) should we care about petitions."

This Wikipedia editor added insults, innuendos, and tried to belittle my (our) Change.org petition. In fact, since the Talk:HubPages page can still be edited, I felt it important to include screenshot proof of just a few sentences of Cyphoidbomb's response.

Naturally, I felt Mr. Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia and Wikia deserved to know what happened. So I wrote him the following:

Dear Mr. Wales, 
I want to report an editor who (I believe) has a "conflict of interest" with HubPages, Inc.
In the past (May 2015), I have successfully added facts to the HubPages Wikipedia page – but not without great resistance from "Cyphoidbomb".
Yesterday, a supporter of my Change.org petition added factual information about my efforts to the HubPages Wikipedia page. We were both shocked by the insults and innuendos that he or she used on the Talk:HubPages page.
Instead of launching into a back-and-forth debate with this person, I decided to update my petition supporters (and you).
In the meantime, I will take the high road and just work harder to let "mainstream media" know about my petition.
It's a shame that (according to Cyphoidbomb): ONLY when "certain media care about writers and their charities" that Wikipedia will consider including such fact-filled information. (I don't believe that this is YOUR mandate, though).
Wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas (or Happy Holidays).

And so, here is where fellow Canadian (and someone I admire greatly) Ed the Sock comes in.

Many of you (actually 3,902) read my piece Bring Back Ed The Sock Please. Below is a screenshot of my stats page (compared to other comedians I wrote about like Jerry Seinfeld, Larry David, Jon Dore, and the cast of 22 Minutes). Obviously, Ed the Sock rules!

Ed the Sock article on InfoBarrel stats

Well, I recently discovered that Ed helped Work Together For Fun (WTFF) collect 1,000 pairs of socks for homeless people in Calgary, Alberta. In fact, Ed volunteered for it. He told CBC news:

"I saw them on Twitter and volunteered to help because, well, you don't see a lot of charities or anything else that involves themselves with socks."

Well Ed, I'm hoping you can help promote our petition: HubPages' Writers are Entitled to All Earnings and Removal of Their Author Content. I will contact you privately to try and "work something out" with you.

Addendum: I just voted in Ed the Sock's Biggest A-Holes of 2015 poll (you should too).

December 30th, 2015: Ed the Sock's Biggest A-Holes of 2015: The Bottom 5
January 1st, 2016: Ed the Sock's Top 5 Biggest A-Holes of 2015! (NSFW)

Wishing all of you a Merry Christmas (or Happy Holidays),


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