Sunday, December 27, 2015

Why I Love Toe Warmers® Brand Boots

I found the perfect winter boots for ladies.

Toe Warmers® are a Canadian brand that are guaranteed to get you through the harshest winter. They are waterproof, made with genuine leather or suede (usually in the upper), and urethane. The fleece lining is incredibly warm and the skid-proof soles are super grippy.

RoseWrites wearing Toe Warmers® brand booties
Wearing my Toe Warmers® booties and ready for winter / © 2015 RoseWrites
Mine have a genuine suede leather upper and a Warmtex™ fleece lining and are "waterproof below the zipper". Click to enlarge image above. NOTE: Quote in grey bubble is from The Friendly Giant (TV Series) created by Bob Homme.

Toe Warmers® are available in men's styles too. At Walking On A Cloud, a famous Canadian shoe store, my man-servant and I tried on several brands of winter boots last year. Remember last winter? According to Sam Colbert of The Star, February was Toronto's coldest month ever.

And this is where we first were sold on the Toe Warmers® brand. Plus, these boots wash up beautifully and last for years. So this year, I thought I'd tout these on my blog (and include an entertaining 1:30 second video). Fortunately, this brand is available on Amazon for an even lower price than what I paid here in Canada.

Last year, I didn't have the gumption to start a blog. I didn't want to bore people with my life. Now I do.

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