Saturday, April 2, 2016

We ONLY Have Until April 11th, 2016: HUD Wants to Criminalize Tiny Homes or RVs as Primary Residences

Every person on the planet who is underpaid or barely making ends meet (for whatever reason) needs to act now.

Today, I just found out from my friend Sue Hecht that HUD (the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development) is trying to make living in a Tiny House or RV (recreational vehicle) ILLEGAL!


And, we only have DAYS to protest this.

So, I acted immediately and put together this step-by-step pictorial guide (so you can quickly and easily do the same). TIP: Click to enlarge any images I've posted.

First, click on and click on the docket (shown circled in red below) FR-5877-P-01 Manufactured Home Procedural and Enforcement Regulations: Revision of Exemption for Recreational Vehicles (closing on April 11, 2016):

HUD docket on website closes April 11th 2016

Next, click on the "Comment Now!" button at the bottom left hand corner (circled in red): website how to comment on docket

Fill in your comment and your information. Note: There is an option (further along) to post your comment publicly as an "anonymous" person. Here is what the form looks like:

Form on to leave a comment

Note: You can upload a file. I uploaded a comment I left on an L.A. Times article. Also, keep in mind that when you preview your info, you can edit it by pressing the back button on your keyboard. Below is the comment I left with the file I uploaded (click to enlarge):

Rose Webster comment on HUD trying to make it illegal to live in Tiny Home or RV

Make sure you also sign and share our petition (you don't have to donate). By doing so, 26 people in a position of power will be prompted to act on this egregious and inhumane treatment of those who are living at or below the poverty level (which is about half the population of the United States):

Stop Exploiting Homeless People: Now Petitioning the FPPC

We can do this!

Optional: I also signed up for email alerts for this docket (there's a prompt in the right margin that will remind you). You need to confirm your email address by following a link (in an email you'll receive) that "confirms your registration" And eventually, you should see this prompt:

Prompt by when you sign up for email alerts

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  1. I think this is unconstitutional as it violates the "freedom of movement" right specified in Wheeler.

    1. You are right Classicalgeek, as always. It truly seems that they are just trying to profit from the poorest people in society. What's next? A fine for breathing "too much" air?

  2. 1) Its been a while y'all.
    2) How in the world are they going to pass this law when there are possibly thousands of people/families living in this tiny homes and RVs? Tiny Homes and RVs are just for those without a place to call their own and the underpaid.

    There is a political guy in my city who read the story about tiny homes and homeless people and thought the idea was grand; putting the homeless into tiny homes. He's trying to make headway with the movement so they can stop living in tents.

    1. Hi, hope you've been doing well Topaz Blu. Nice of you to drop by and comment.

      I agree, millions of people could be affected by this ruling. I just checked and so far the "Final Rule" hasn't been made. Here is the link if you (or anyone) wants to check:!docketDetail;dct=FR+PR+N+O+SR;rpp=10;po=0;D=HUD-2016-0013

      As for the Tiny Homes movement: yes, it's taking off in numerous cities and I am working with Elvis Summers to get his vision for them underway in LA. For more:

      Take good care,