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CEOs You'd Like to Do, Dump or Marry

In 2009, Lindsey Unterberger, Glamour's deputy online editor, wrote a brilliant piece called Celebrity Do, Dump or Marry: The Late-Nighters Edition. And I couldn't agree more with voter outcome.

Stephen Colbert, of course, was the man most voters picked to marry; Jimmy Fallon was the pretty boy you'd call for a good time; and poor Conan O'Brien was destined to be dumped.

And this little piece by Unterberger caused such a stir that even Stephen Colbert mentioned it on his show. And this left a lasting impression on me, obviously. Because last night I thought I'd try a CEO Edition of her Do, Dump or Marry.

Disclaimer: I have no idea if these men are "available" (only they know for sure).

The Gist

All of these men should be universally known by now. If not, I provide a pretty good resource to check out about each one (not written by me).

The Contenders

Larry Page, CEO of Google

Business Insider's Nicholas Carlson wrote a wonderful article about Larry page last year called The Untold Story Of Larry Page's Incredible Comeback.

My thoughts?

Look, Google has improved. Instead of finding credible information on page 10 of a search results, I'm finding good stuff on page 3 (sometimes page 2, depending). So definitely, Mr. Page is doing an excellent job. But who cares about that right now, look at him here:

Google CEO Larry Page and Martin John Rees, Baron Rees of Ludlow
Photo credit: Bob Lee (crazybob on flickr) CC-by-2.0 | Taken August 10th, 2008

Mr. Page is listening to some old guy intently (actually, I think that is The Lord Martin Rees of Ludlow). And his body language tells me he's completely absorbed in whatever this gentleman is showing him. Larry doesn't act like a "know-it-all" (which makes him extremely appealing).

RoseWrites and Google CEO Larry Page
Photo credits: Left image of woman's body by wonderlane on flickr (CC-by-2.0) with RoseWrite's head added using Pixlr | Right image of Larry Page by Steve Jurvetson on flickr (CC-by-2.0)

See how fun-loving Larry Page looks when I was addressing him in my article Dear Larry Page and Paul Edmondson. Obviously, he has a great smile and I love his dressed-down look. His shaggy bangs with the grey hair is HOT. He pulls off boyish-cute brilliant computer scientist that loves to laugh all at once.

Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX and Tesla Motors

Even I wrote about Elon Musk in Environment911. But for a childhood to adulthood account of his life, Financial Post's technology reporter Kyle Russell did an incredible job with The Fabulous Life of Elon Musk. Note: Mr. Russell is presently employed at TechCrunch.

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla

Photo credit: Maurizio Pesce (pestoverde on flickr) CC-by-2.0 | Taken on October 1st, 2011

Whoa, put the brakes on and consider this genius for a minute. The fact that he went to Queen's University in Ontario, Canada makes me like him even more. The thing is: he's so brilliant, I'd feel dumb around him all the time. I'd be dropping things and spilling things - guess I could never measure up.

Ben Rattray, CEO of

The Lavin Agency provides a fairly good write-up about Mr. Rattray. For some reason, I imagined him with a British accent when I saw their photo of him. And on his website, the About | page inspired me. CEO Ben Rattray
Photo by (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Mr. Rattray is the man you could walk down the red carpet with; he could play the next James Bond. With impeccable clothing and stylish hair, I'm amazed he isn't more widely recognized among my peers.

Incredibly, he can sport the grizz, yet look sweet and vulnerable at the same time. He'd be the man your mother and father would love to meet. I'd definitely want to meet him or (at least) have him read one of my posts about HubPages.

I'd be equally thrilled if any of these fine men read my open letter to CBS.

Time to Vote

In the right sidebar (under my Blog Archive), you'll see the poll. (Previously, my poll asked other things). I will keep this new poll up until this post starts to lose steam. Then, based on voter outcome (and my own bias) I will write a follow-up blog post.

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