Monday, June 29, 2015

UPDATED: HubPages Bans Top InfoBarrel Author, Vic Dillinger, For 23 Hours (From Their Forum)

Cartoon About if Kids See The Title of Hub with Mindf**k in Related Hubs
Satirical cartoon about author's children seeing a "Related Hub" on their parent's article. Created July 3rd, 2015 by RoseWrites / All rights reserved (Click to enlarge)

Could HubPages be any more idiotic?

One of the best authors I've ever had the pleasure of meeting online was just banned for 23 hours from the HubPages forum.

In case you didn't know, Vic Dillinger is an accomplished author who has so many articles on InfoBarrel's Top 100 that I lost count. [It's at least 40 articles.]

He tells the truth and he's fairly new to HubPages.

Well, I just found out about a forum thread he began titled Use of Profanity in Titles (and other vulgarities . . .). Shown below (click to enlarge):

Vic Dillinger Asks in HubPages Forum About Swear Words Used in Hub Titles
The gist:

Vic mentions that he found a Hub [article] that used the word "mindf**k." He wanted to know what was allowed and not allowed on HubPages.

TIMETRAVELER2 chimed in. She checked out this author's other questionable Hubs and found similar language (in titles and within the text of articles). She reported it and emailed the HubPages team.

The response from HubPages (over 6 hours ago)?

"I have reviewed these articles, thanks for notifying us." 

TIMETRAVELER2 asked, "and what are you planning to do about it?" [No one knows, but as of  2:15 am ET, the article with "mindf**k" in the title is still published.]

Obviously Vic understands Google's AdSense rules. He is well aware that someone else on the site jeopardizes everyone by using profanity. And, as Vic pointed out:

"I'd hate to see anyone lose out on G money because of one dipwad who can't read a site's TOS and abide by it, instead going for the "click bait" word in the title (and I wasn't searching for it, that piece of garbage came up as a "related" hub on one of my pieces)."

What does HubPages do?

Apparently, when Vic Dillinger tried to thank TIMETRAVELER2 and tell her "keep fighting the good fight," Vic received a prompt that he was banned from posting in the HubPages forum for 23 hours.


HE points out there is a Hub with profanity in the title and HubPages bans Vic but keeps the article up!


Addendum July 2nd, 2015

Sometimes I feel like the shills on HubPages are just too obvious. 

Vic Dillinger couldn't be clearer. He was trying to point out a Hub that had the f-word in its title. The four-letter bad one. NOT the others (which Vic explained are probably "not as bad" in Google's eyes). The F-word in a title is probably the most offensive, don't you agree?

It's the word "mindf**k" which (it turns out) shows up in not one, but in 56 other articles on HubPages.

That equates to 56 more times that Vic Dillinger's Hubs may be impacted if (again) any of these show up on his pages in the "related Hubs" section.

It's 56 more reasons for Google to pull the AdSense earnings away from other authors because someone cannot adhere to the Terms of Use on HubPages. Or worse, moderators on HubPages refuse to pull the offending material off of the site.

But it astounds me how derailed this forum thread has become. Not only was Vic "punished" for a day but he's being beaten over the head by a HubPages expert.

She seems oblivious to the fact that HubPages decision to keep "Mindf**k" in the title (or within the text) of 56 articles on HubPages jeopardizes everyone's earnings.

Here are some of her responses to Vic (my thoughts are in italics):

"I have used AdSense for many years and I promise you that HP knows the rules too." [Really? Then why is the word "F**k" in the title of a Hub?]

"I've also been here for a few years and know the ropes [a few years? Vic has been an established author for more than that!] She continues, "so... take a few deep breaths and listen to what I and others are saying." [What? Vic doesn't need to take a few deep breaths and who are these "others"?]

"Those who have a periodic curse word in their hubs are not going to kill your revenue stream... everything is going to be OK." [OMG, we are not talking about a periodic curse word. And Vic isn't just being protective of himself and his revenue stream.]

She carries on like she doesn't believe that "Mindf**k" is a problem. In her condescending tone, she advises Vic, "Hubs you feel cross that line can be reported - and if they do in fact violate the terms HP will remove those hubs or unfeature them."

She goes on and on about it "not affecting your ability to earn money" (since obviously everything on HubPages is about money – not about our kids reading "Mindf**k" aloud or about maintaining a level playing field for all authors on HP).

And gee, thanks for reminding us all that "Google does not care if a periodic mild swear word is used."

That was NOT at all what Vic Dillinger's post was about. Read the title of his post. He was talking about the word "Mindf**k" in the TITLE of a Hub which also appears in 56 other places on HubPages.

Hmm, perhaps Google no likey that!

But this person is far too important to absorb even the gist of Vic's point. She reminds us, "People don't want to listen, they want to get offended. That's fine be offended, I have better things to do with my day."



  1. I'm still laughing at the absurdity here. Good synopsis, Rose.

    1. It's crazy. I've flagged my own profile on there and it isn't removed. HubPages will keep anything that earns them money. I'm sure the big Panda hit is coming. Hope to see you more on InfoBarrel Vic.

  2. The ban was lifted a few hours ago without comment from anyone in their admin group. At least other sites tell you what they're doing and why. But I absolutely won't quit!

    1. Thanks for the update Vic. I just checked out the thread and that HubPages shill (who initially snapped at you to "report" it instead of come to the forum with the details), said: "if HP thought they were going to harm their AdSense earning capabilities they'd be pulled. HP doesn't want to lose money." So, my suggestion is that YOU write a Hub with the word "mindf**k" in the title too. I'm sure it would not only be a much better article, it would earn you (and HP) more money.

    2. Unless of course, that account that uses "mindf**k" in the title of articles is one of those "inactive" accounts (where HubPages keeps 100% of the $ generated by it). In that case, they might NOT allow your article (because they need to share 60/40 with you).

      Would be interesting to see what would happen.

  3. The ban was lifted a few hours ago without comment from anyone in their admin group. At least other sites tell you what they're doing and why. But I absolutely won't quit!

    1. I'll have to check out the thread. I see that the offending Hub with the word "mindf**k" in the title is STILL published on HubPages.

  4. Interesting... The first response to a matter of TOS violation of an hub is to punish someone for pointing out? There's another site I participate that immediately goes after the TOS violators as oppose to punishing the reporter(s).

    Still wondering how they're still active with all the questionable content and unheeded complaints being filed. Its even more baffling when an elite tier author gets targeted for pointing out something that was overlooked.

    Thanks again for another wonderful article.

    1. Dear Topaz Blu,

      I think HubPages is "maxing out" all the earnings they can keep - in anticipation of a huge blow by Panda. Or, perhaps they will close up or sell the domain.

      In either case, it's clear to me that anything earning them a little money is kept on the site (TOS violation or not). The "inactive" user is the one they prefer; where HubPages pockets 100% of the earnings.

      It's obvious they don't mind upsetting the active Hubbers. If these "active" Hubbers quit, HubPages can keep 100% of their earnings too.

      I appreciate you dropping by (I just followed you on Google Plus). I get the feeling I know you from somewhere else online, but I forget where.

      Take good care,

    2. IB. Its Brownie86. I mean Browna86.

    3. Thanks, Topaz. While HP doesn't know me from spit (and that's okay, doesn't hurt my feelings) I hate that no one has taken any action to rectify the situation (except to ban ME from posting for 24 hours!).