Thursday, June 11, 2015

Is HubPages Becoming Bubblews?

Cartoon of Robin Edmondson about HubPro edits to earner's article
Satirical cartoon of Robin Edmondson as she address a forum post about HubPro edits. Created June 12th, 2015 by RoseWrites / All rights reserved (Click to enlarge cartoon)

I found it entertaining to read a HubPages forum post titled 255 Words in my Hub..... Er .... Enough? Because the OP, earner, stated exactly what every seasoned web writer would think:

"Go away and write more you moron."

Apparently, the professional team of HubPages editors (and photographers) redid what was a 600-word "masterpiece" and created a 255-word article that "answers the question" according to Robin Edmondson.

Now remember this: HubPro only edits successful articles that garner a minimum of 500 visits a day.

Why HubPages doesn't just get rid of substandard articles instead seems like a reasonable question. Until you understand their business model. They reap 100% of the profits from "inactive" (or abandoned) accounts.

Hence, the urgency to "edit" high traffic Hubs (especially those that put all the money back into the Edmondsons' pockets).

But once this forum post caught Robin Edmondson's attention and she looked over the Hub in question, suddenly she wanted earner to change some things.


The original author has to "fix" their oversights now?

Yeah, she actually stated: "...we should have added a section on why it's not safe to reheat chicken more than once. Maybe you can add that bit..." and "I think we should have changed your title to 'How to Safely Reheat Cooked Chicken'. I'd suggest doing that."

Oh but I truly hope that this author simply takes his (or her) original version and posts it elsewhere online.

Earner promised to "sit by the money pot to see what happens next."

Could this finally cement the reality for some people on HubPages?

HubPro is not about the writers, their work, or their consent. It's all about profit and catering to (what I believe) to be scrapers and identity thieves.


  1. I deleted most of my pages there. It seems like they are in the midst of a slow death.

    1. Yeah, I don't see how they can keep any decent authors on there much longer. Have you checked out InfoBarrel?

  2. I deleted most of my pages there. It seems like they are in the midst of a slow death.