Thursday, May 28, 2015

Do These Authors Know Who Is Making Money From Their Work?

One thing I know for sure: whistleblowers are always bullied. The Squidoo-HubPages deal was both unethical and unlawful. I've written and documented proof about it since August 16th, 2014.

After my blog post Chronicling How HubPages Has Bullied Me, I found out that two more people gave my Consumer Affairs complaint a "helpful" vote. Note: Click image to enlarge.
Consumer Affairs Complaint Status Against HubPages May 28 2015
And after AstroGremlin commented that he never joined HubPages but his work is on there (making money solely for HubPages), I started to look for others who might not know their identity and content is being used in this manner.

Here are three profiles that I'm fairly certain are posted on HubPages without the authors' consent. HubPages has placed their ads on their work and is collecting all the money from ad share revenue, Amazon, and eBay. Note: You can click to enlarge.
Former Squidoo Authors Who May Not Know Their Work is On HubPages
Another person, Ddraig on InfoBarrel left me the following comment (click to enlarge) on my article HubPages is Breaking the Law:
Ddraig confirms HubPages took her work without her consent
To make life easier for these four people (and any others who might eventually find out), here is what you can do:

You can reference my complaint REFERENCE NO: 61039505 (which I submitted to the Federal Trade Commission on April 9th, 2015). I also wrote an open letter to the FTC. Feel free to reference me, Rose Webster, if you wish.

You can make a free phone call to the California State Attorney General's Whistleblower Hotline at: 1-800-952-5225.

If you are not personally affected by this situation, but would like to let the FTC know how you feel about it, you can file a comment. The FTC requests feedback from the public regarding proposed settlements.

I sincerely hope this helps everyone affected. As writers and content creators, we need to retain our rights online because if we allow our identities and content to be sold and bought, we have nothing.

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