Saturday, May 2, 2015

When the Word "Friend" Is Anything but Friendly

Okay, listen up new online peeps.

I have a valid rant here; one that online writers almost never talk about.

No sooner had I put up blog did someone (who I've never met online or otherwise) send me the message, "Hai can you help me friend" [sic]

I deleted it. It was a knee-jerk reaction.


Because I'm tired of people using the word "friend" to try and guilt me into doing something for them.

The use of "friend" in cases like this isn't friendly or kind. It's demanding and manipulative, actually.

Perhaps if I'd only seen this happen a few times, I'd be okay with it. But after a few years online, I'm sick of it.

Have you read these type of comments on your articles or in forums?

Other examples:

"Thats great news, thats how it ought to be friend"  [no apostrophes used]

"Nice your [sic] so right friend"

And these comments are usually short yet laden with horrible spelling, grammar, or simple punctuation (like a period at the end).

I'm not your friend if I never, ever communicated with you before. 

So, please stop calling me (and perhaps other online writers) "friend" when you have zero connection to us. 

It's annoying and I can guarantee your comment or question will be deleted (or ignored).

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