Sunday, May 3, 2015

Help! I'm Getting Attacked by Exclamation Points

I'm not entirely sure why people feel the need to add exclamation points when they write. I'm not talking about one; I'm talking about several per article.

And they aren't found in articles where people are actually screaming. No, they are injected into product reviews and DIY-type pieces.

These shouting sentences are usually tacked on at the end of paragraphs. Some examples:

Try it for yourself!
I'm sure you'll like it too! < Although "too" is often spelled "to" (additional cringe).

My guess it that they are enthused about what they are sharing.

Which is great.

But let's save the exclamation marks for earthquakes and tragedies, I'm getting migraines from seeing more than one per article. One exclamation point per article should be the maximum allowed, I think. And use them wisely, like when quoting screaming people. For example:

"Run for your lives!"
"My house is on fire!"
"He's got a knife!"

You get the idea.


  1. Such valid points ! (appropriate here? :)

    Years ago I overused these (like back in 2007...), but very quickly I realized this was not the way to write in the online world. My personal rule of thumb is one per article, if that. If it's a long piece, maybe two...

    Social media I sometimes play by different rules, but in writing, I'm totally with ya on this one.

    1. You make an excellent point Leigh. As soon as I posted this, I ended up thanking someone for sharing an article and I automatically put an exclamation point on the end. I felt guilty immediately.

      For a long piece, two would be fine and I suppose if you are quoting screaming people, even more. I guess it's all a learning curve and I'd hate to dampen any writer's enthusiasm, but being screamed at to try pudding was "getting" to me.

      Thanks for checking out my post here. You always brighten my day, Rose

  2. Look forward to seeing more posts!

    1. Thanks Leigh, you are definitely an inspiration for us all online.