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InfoBarrel: Rewards Writers and Pays the Most

Samuel L. Jackson and Admin avatar on InfoBarrel (Serious Cat aka SRS Cat)
Photo of Samuel L. Jackson: Cliff (nostri-imago on flickr) / Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic | SRS Cat (Serious Cat) courtesy of InfoBarrel

Recently, I encountered another person who questioned the viability of InfoBarrel. His words were: "InfoBarrel may pay better for now [over HubPages], but what chance do they have of running a profitable business in the long run paying out at the rates you claim."

First of all, InfoBarrel has been around since 2008. They have been running a highly efficient writing platform for over seven years. The two gentlemen who run it, Ryan McKenzie and Kevin Hinton, probably work over 80 hours a week each.

I've even contacted Ryan on weekends after midnight and as early as 6:30 in the morning (and he's responded every time). I could not be more impressed with how they handle their online business.

They address everything with writers. There is nothing hidden. You can even write about your earnings if you wish.

Yes, the 90% ad share revenue is not merely a "claim." If I write enough to earn 31 points (or more) per month and submit just five articles to the editorial calendar = 90% ad share.

In fact, the first article you post will automatically garner 75% ad share. No, you don't have to submit 10 - 20 or more "free" articles to InfoBarrel and then apply for AdSense [like on HubPages] to collect your deserved percentage of ad share revenue.

They even hold monthly contests that earn cash bonuses of $100, $50, and $25. My friend TanoCalvenoa recently earned both 90% ad share revenue and a cool $100 for his efforts.

One myth I'd like to dispel is the belief that you cannot delete your articles on InfoBarrel. This is completely false. In fact, you can do so yourself. JadeDragon (an amazing InfoBarrel author) stated, "Save the article as a draft. Go to your drafts and hit "delete." The two-step process may be to prevent accidental deletions."

Admin (aka SRS Cat) also chimed in with this: "Just send Admin a private message with the exact URL you want removed. Thanks."

In InfoBarrel's forum, a new member recently asked: "What do you like about InfoBarrel that HubPages (or any other competitor) doesn't have?" And numerous authors chimed in with their responses.

What keeps people away from InfoBarrel? The rejection they may face when they first submit their work. My work was rejected at first - even for using English awkwardly (even though I've lived in Canada all my life).

Other platforms don't care what you write, as long as you are making them money. What happens is those who produce shoddy work get the impression they are "just fine" and do not need to improve. When they face a few denials on InfoBarrel, they automatically get upset and leave.

Some people cannot handle being wrong or understand that there is always room for improvement. I feel that the majority of writers (on other platforms) can't handle rejection. Hence, why I wrote The InfoBarrel Advantage (With Ryan McKenzie) Bonus: Sneak Preview of InfoBarrel Version 4.0.

Oh and one more reason that InfoBarrel has less traffic (right now) than another large platform: looks like our readers differ in how they spend their time. Also, InfoBarrel doesn't violate Google's Webmaster Guidelines the way HubPages does.

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InfoBarrel Audience Demographics Compared to HubPages (Source Alexa)

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