Friday, May 15, 2015

Paul Edmondson, CEO of HubPages, Tells CNBC What Google Should Do

Yeah, what Google did wrong.

Two days ago, Ari Levy of CNBC interviewed Paul Edmondson for a piece titled Google's 'phantom' algorithm update hits websites.

And just like Paul Edmondson has been doing all along, he expresses bewilderment and cites the acquisition of Squidoo as part of the problem.

Because, Squidoo 'had too much spam.'

Gee, I wrote on Squidoo, I made it publicly known I did NOT want my work imported to HubPages, and yet Paul Edmondson is STILL keeping my identity, profile, and 277 of my articles on his site.

But of course, he made sure to remove the link to InfoBarrel (his competitor) in my profile.

Nope, Edmondson doesn't feel he owes me (and others) a thing.


Because I was told my articles from Squidoo "would disappear" (which is exactly what I wanted). So when I received the email from HubPages September 13th, 2014 stating my lenses [articles] had been imported, I reported that email to Google for phishing.

Phishing since Squidoo promised to never, ever sell our email.
Phishing since I was told to "follow a link" and input a "code."
Phishing because HubPages demanded my "current tax information."

Bad enough it was in an email - but it also carried over to InfoBarrel's forum.

I never gave HubPages my email.
I never had any intention of being associated with HubPages.

Yet, every comment I ever made on Squidoo (and others, like Steve Kaye) provide a link back to HubPages. Comments which predate the Squidoo-HubPages deal.

Gee, I think that violates Webmaster Tools guidelines about link schemes which includes "using automated programs or services to create links to your site."

Or what about this example: one day I discover a phony Pinterest account with my former sousababy name and my content on it.

An account I never set up.

Whoa, that must qualify as an "automated service designed to create links." These certainly weren't "editorially placed" or "vouched for" by me (or others in the same shoes).

But, Paul Edmondson continues to block me on Google Plus, the site admins ignore the flagging of my own profile on his site, and his shills continue to try to discredit me. Robin Edmondson is also pretty good at intimidating writers.

Perhaps Google and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) are taking a good hard look at HubPages.


  1. Funny how PE tries to shift blame elsewhere. Whenever Google does updates they inform everyone before hand so there are no surprises. Glad to see you're still writing amazing works RW. Keep it up.

    1. Gee thanks, Topaz Blu (I don't recognize your pen name at all, so sorry if you know me and I don't recall you).

      It amazes that HubPages continues to violate Google's Webmaster Guidelines (e.g. link schemes with phony Pinterest accounts and commentary of former Squidoo authors; posting profiles and content without obtaining authors' permission; not using Alt tags on images and allowing duplicate image titles; and making it a condition that users must surrender their current tax info BEFORE payment is issued - which qualifies as phishing).

      I'm surprised that HubPages wasn't downgraded more than 22 percent and isn't out of business. My guess is they will try to sell the domain in the next quarter since they are not addressing glaring new issues like the missing share buttons.

      Thank you so much for dropping by, commenting, and encouraging me,